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Making DNA analysis results useful to producers through the development of EPDs that incorporate genomic and performance information

PROJECT LEAD(S)/CO-LEAD(S) Mike McMorris (Beef Improvement Opportunities) & Zhiquan Wang (University of Alberta)
FUNDER Genome Alberta - Alberta Livestock Genomics Program (ALGP)
PROJECT START DATE January 1, 2011
PROJECT END DATE December 31, 2014
COMPETITION/ FUNDING OPPORTUNITY Genome Alberta - Alberta Livestock Genomics Program (ALGP)

The next wave of technology available to livestock producers, including beef producers, is genomics. This new technology allows us to estimate genetic merit for existing traits earlier in life; for new traits; and more accurately for traits that we currently evaluate. This project will develop a new approach to beef cattle selection, one that allows producers to use genomics in a way that ties results together with those of existing evaluations, making selection for profitable animals much more feasible. Genomic test results offer estimates of genetic merit for several traits. As do genetic evaluations derived from traditional performance measurement programs. Combining the results of genomic tests with those of performance measurement will increase accuracy as well as genetic gain. Therefore, this project will genotype key animals using thorough panels (50K and 3K) to obtain results with extensive detail. Through imputation, the team will build a reference population allowing producers to use the cheaper panel (3K) while attaining excellent return on investment.

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